Organic dried herbs

Rosemary, Peppermint, Dill, Parsley, Spearmint, Olive leaves, Spinach, Basil, Harissa type Chili, Thyme, Cilantro…

Organic flowers

Chamomile, Cornflower, Calendula…

Organic vegetable oils

High polyphenol Chetoui Olive oil, Black cumin seed oil, Jojoba oil, Lentisk oil...

Organic Essential oils

Rosemary, Myrtle, Mint...

From harvesting to the finished product, quality and food safety are paramount. We are commited to ensuring that our customers are only served with the quality they require.

Quality in Farming

Our agricultural practices meet the Organic  (NOP / CE / JAS) regulation  and Naturland standards. Fully traceable protocols in crop production are the heart of our daily work. Before sowing, varieties are rigorously selected and identified against the target organoleptic and/or chemotype of the final product as per customers specifications. We always encourage the use of local varieties, well adapted to the Tunisian climate. During cultivation, plant growth, weed control and harvesting operations are fully monitored. Harvest schedule is optimized according to the plant development and weather forcast, all performed under strong quality control and rigorous records.

We are continually expanding our fields of application in order to develop growing new products, diversify our product range and increase our production capacity. Strategically, HERBIOTECH is always focusing on aquiring new fields and building on-site supervision teams, always with the aim of creating employment in rural areas.  

Quality in Processing

Air-Drying conditions depend on the type of material, harvest conditions and the plant parts used. Special attention is paid to our drying parameters developped by HERBIOTECH, always different and specific for each item, ensuring retention of original taste, smell, color and lowest microbiological content. 

Raw materials and Finished products are both analyzed on site and off-site exclusively in European accreditated  laboratories. 


A Quality control system is applied from the seeds until the storage of the finished product, with total traceability upstream and downstream through rigorous monitoring of batch references, with the ability to track the delivered goods back to the farm.

All the traced condition parameters in farming and processing are scrupulously documented.

Food Safety

Our N°1 Priority

Our commitment to being certified according to the latest FSSC 22000 reference for Global Standard for Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), reflects our devotion to reach the very highest levels of quality, safety, and legality in food manufacturing, leading HERBIOTECH to be a reliable supplier in the food, feed, and food supplement sectors worldwide.