Organic Dried Herbs & Spices

In 2015, we equipped our facility with one of the most advanced computer-controlled drying system for a total annual working capacity of 5000 tons of organic raw material. Freshly harvested herbs are rapidly dehydrated in order to retain the organoleptic properties and maximum active compounds content in the final product, through efficient gentle drying. Several pre and post drying unit operations like washing, cleaning, threshing, sifting… are also performed within a controlled continuous processing line with multiple pre-cleaning and final refinement unit operations.

Our processing lines are equipped with powerful magnets and with Metal detector in order to prevent  any possible intrusion of metallic foreign bodies which could compromise the safety of our products.

In a separated area, our plant is also equipped with a modern biphasic olive oil mill, for the production of high polyphenol content Extra-Virgin Olive oil. This system ensures low working temperatures during the extraction process without any water addition.  HERBIOTECH plant is also equipped with Screw-presses for the production of high quality cold pressed seeds oils. All our Oils are exclusively purified by successive sedimentation steps and settled in stainless steel tanks without any filtration, according to the Organic regulations and internal quality standards.

Organic Olive Oil and Vegetable oils

Organic Essential oils

HERBIOTECH AROMA is also managing a distillation Unit for the production of organic essential oils from wild raw material collected from the neighboring forests or harvested from our fields.