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Our passion starts from the soil

We are passionate about herbs and spices we supply. Quality, food safety and traceability are the foundation of a lasting relationship with all our customers. HERBIOTECH adopted the strategy of managing own fields in the region of kairouan in central Tunisia, where the summers are short, scorching and dry and the winters are long, cool, windy and mostly clear. Our plants find there a favorable environment for the desired organoleptic properties.  The main farm is a 260 ha field certified Organic by Ecocert since 2013. Several new agricultural projects (a total of 200 ha) have also been carried out in several other rural regions of the country, from the extreme north to the extreme south of Tunisia. The main farming operations of sowing, hoeing, weeding and harvesting are mechanically operated by sophisticated machines. For special crops, weeding and some other operations are done manually thanks to our skilled workers, all of them enjoying the Job they have in their native region, providing our company with a wonderful workforce.

Farming is fully integrated in our sustainable value chain and continually supervised in all the different stages by HERBIOTECH engineers according to weekly planning and with daily records, offering full traceability to our partners. Our customers are always invited to visit our farm in order to share their appreciations and critics. International experts mandated by HERBIOTECH or by our customers are always solicited for a continuous improvement of our practices and the quality of our raw material.

The major part of our field is drip-irrigated for a safe utilization of ground water resources. Sprinkler irrigation is only performed during cold periods of the year and for specific crops.

We pay a considerable attention to water resources and irrigation.

...prerequisites for successful crop and sustainable agricultural practices. We focus on using stable and balanced compost with high beneficial bacterial and fungal communities, with the goal to build biodiversity.

We always source locally clean and rich manure in order to produce high quality and well homogenized compost using compost turner and with rigorous control of moisture and temperature during composting process. Our choice of using compost instead of green manure helps in saving precious irrigation water

Optimized health, structure and fertility of our soils are important...

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