Our team is passionate about herbs

For the sake of quality and food safety, HERBIOTECH  is managing a land of 200 ha certified organic since 2012 by Ecocert. The main farming operations of seeds harvest, sowing, hoeing, weeding and harvesting of fresh herbs are mechanically operated by specialized machinery. For special crops, weeding and some other operations are done manually thanks to our workers, all native of this region, who provide our project with a formidable force.

We pay a considerable attention to water and irrigation. The major part is drip-irrigated for a safe utilization of ground water resources. Sprinkler irrigation is only performed during cold periods of the year.

Cultivation is fully integrated in our production process and continually supervised in all the different phases by our engineers according to weekly planning and daily records for full treatability. Our customers are always invited to visit our farm in order to give their appreciations and critics. International experts mandated by us or by our customers are always solicited for a continuous improvement of our practices and final products.